CloudKnowtation should only be downloaded from Google Chrome Store to avoid malware. This is the only authorized version of CloudKnowtation. Versions from other sources may contain malware.

The extension will be automatically installed after downloading and should be immediately operational.

If CloudKnowtation does not work, simply close the browser and restart it.

Citation Metadata

CloudKnowtation copies citation metadata for journal articles if it is in the PubMed citation metadata format. If you use other sources for journal articles and CloudKnowtation fails to copy the citation metadata, please provide us with feedback on which sources you are using so that we can support it in future versions.


Before a note can be mailed, it has to be saved.

Emails are sent through the user's GMail account.

Only a link to the note file is sent and unless it has been previously made shareable within Google Docs, the recipient will not be able to access the file without first obtaining permission from the CloudKnowtation sender.

The contents of the note itself can be sent by copying and pasting the note to the email.

To protect your privacy, Google Docs requires your explicit permission to share a file. CloudKnowtation cannot grant this permission on your behalf.

However, you can grant access rights to a note file within Gmail by selecting Insert files using Drive from the email controls at the bottom right of the email. Press the + sign to show the Insert files using Drive option. After selecting the note file from your Google Docs drive, you will be asked whether you wish to make the file shareable by the recipient of the email link to the file which is automatically inserted.

PDF Files

To create notes from PDF files, they must open within your browser. CloudKnowtation has no access to a file opened in a non-browser PDF reader.

PDF files should open within your browser if either the default Chrome PDF Viewer or the Adobe Reader is enabled. If both are disabled, the PDF file will only be downloaded, not displayed within your browser. You can determine which reader is active by typing chrome://plug-ins into the address bar. This will open a page with a list and the status of all your plug-ins.

There are two quirks when dealing with PDF files.

  1. Because CloudKnowtation cannot directly access the content of a PDF file, to copy PDF content to a note file, you must both Copy the content and then click on Write selection to note.
  2. The first time you copy and write content of a PDF file opened in your browser to a note file, you will be asked to copy the title of a journal article. This provides CloudKnowtation with the information necessary to retrieve the citation metadata for the file by performing a search on PubMed.


Although CloudKnowtation has been extensively tested, it is simply not possible to recreate all user environments. There may be conflicts with other extensions or plug-ins installed in your browser.

If CloudKnowtation works and for some reason fails to function properly, the problem can most often be fixed by simply closing and restarting your browser.


If this fails to fix a problem, please report the problem to us and include information on which extensions you have installed by accessing a listing of your extensions by typing chrome://extensions into the address bar.