Enhancing research productivity

CloudKnowtation is a free, online, biomedical research productivity tool designed to increase online research productivity by automatically copying highlighted material from journal articles and with a single click, saving the:

    • Highlighted material
    • Article citation
    • Web address of the article

There is no need to install any software on the user's system, other than the fully integrated browser extension.

It allows the user to save selected journal content along with article citation metadata and a link to the source url with a single click of the mouse. Citation metadata is available for all sites using the same metadata format as PubMed.

The note is opened in an editor in a separate browser window to allow the user to add comments or annotate the selected content. Material copied from an article is highlighted to separate it visually from user comments.

CloudKnowtation notes are stored in the cloud in the user's Google Documents account. Local copies of files in formats supported by Google Documents can be downloaded from the user's Google Documents drive.

Notes can be sent to colleagues using the user's GMail account.

Your Privacy

CloudKnowtation is a Google Chrome Extension that runs on the user's personal computer and accesses the user's Google Documents and GMail accounts.

Access to notes created using CloudKnowtation is strictly under the control of the user. Neither CloudKnowtation, Inc. nor any other person has any access to the user's notes, Google Documents drive or GMail. The user controls all access to user-created notes on a file by file basis.

Access is only granted to the application itself running solely on the user's own personal computer, not to CloudKnowtation, Inc or any other third party. Access can be revoked at any time by the user. The must explicitly grant access to each note created.

Protection against malware

CloudKnowtation should only be downloaded from the Google Chrome Web Store to avoid installation of malware.